19 June 2008

The Words of Leonardo da Vinci. Alison Berger.

Some like it hot. Alison Berger likes it at 2500 degrees: the temperature at which a glassworker's furnace burns. As a teenager in Dallas, Berger came across glassblowers working in a crafts shop and was instantly mesmerized by the technique. She studied historical glassblowing at the Rhode Island School of Design and later architecture at Columbia University in New York City. She has had extensive experience with glass sculpture and has created both lighting and barware collections during her twenty-five year career working with architecture and design firms ranging from Frank O. Gehry and Associates to Roman & Williams.

Pictured above and below is her "Word Pendant". Berger has executed this Most Excellent series of pendant lights etched with lines from Leonardo da Vinci's notebooks, describing his theories on subjects such as light refraction, astronomy and the reflection of light over water. When lit, they cast the shadows of the words on a room's walls and become, she says, "an expression of a memory from another time, or an echo of a past conversation."

Limited edition of twenty pieces. Bespoke pieces available.