06 June 2008

Justin Giunta - Industrial Chic.

Brilliant. I think this chandelier by designer Justin Giunta is Most Excellent. I can see it flung over a wooden beam, dangling from an industrial power cord, just past the entry of a SoHo, New York City Loft. The strong foil of the yellow construuction lamp with the vintage crystals is a perfect whimsical touch for such a space.

Giunta is an artist that traverses many media, from painting, fashion, interior and industrial design. He is best known for his spectacular collection of Subversive Jewelry. According to Giunta, "In my work, I am always drawing parallels between art history and modern design to explore themes of accessible decadence and fine art... The only difference between the two is where it is sold."

The chandelier measures 15" x 7" with a 25' power cord. It is hand made of plastic with bursts of vintage crystals. It retails for $2,200.00.

Justin Giunta