23 June 2008

Radioactive Lightpipes.

While I think the lightpipes that Matt kindly sent my way are Most Excellent, I also think they are "site specific". In other words, I would only use them in a select environment such as the one pictured above and below. They would make a fun and whimsical addition to a modern, industrial feeling loft-space or in a trendy restaurant or club perhaps.

These illuminated pipes appear to just sit on the floor and give the appearance that they go straight through the wall, however, you won’t need to mess with cutting holes or anything, as you just set them where you like.

If you have a basement or a brick apartment with pipes already running through the floor and wall, this would certainly be a cool way to add some color to your room. They may also be a nice touch in a white room with a minimalist contemporary flavor.

Each lamp runs about $612.00 and is made in Germany of Plexiglass.