10 June 2008

Colin Cowie. A June Wedding.

June is traditionally known as the month for weddings. Weddings come in all shapes and sizes, from the simple to the extravagant. Pictured above and below is the Most Excellent, somewhat opulent party design for a wedding by Master Party Planner and Lifestyle Guru, Colin Cowie.

Cowie recently published "Colin Cowie Chic". The book is a celebration of living at its very best. According to Mr. Cowie, "Colin Cowie Chic" embraces everything I’ve learned about living over the past 22 years, plus what my mother taught me as a child. It’s a snapshot of who I am and how I live: all with a big dose of style, passion and glamour. Never before have I exposed myself as honestly as this, right down to how I fold the underwear in my drawers. There’s definitely something in here for everyone, with tips on how to live in your home, how to set up an organized work environment and how to travel in style. Whether you take one idea and make it your own or use Colin Cowie Chic as your guide and reference, I promise you Life As It Should Be.....which is much better than Life As It Could Be."