30 June 2008

Smart Lighting. The Urban Electric Company.

A perfect interior design is not complete without the proper lighting. Not only is lighting necessary to provide general illumination to an area, but more specific "task" lighting is essential for reading, cooking or working at a desk, to name a few examples. Another important benefit to choosing the right lighting is to add interest and decorative flair to an environment. Above and below are some portfolio photographs of lighting used from The Urban Electric Company in Charleston, South Carolina.

The Urban Electric Company is a lighting design and production firm that prides itself on subtle design, uncompromising craftsmanship and impeccable service. Their fixtures are constructed of the finest materials and each is individually bench-crafted to create an unrivaled product in the luxury lighting market. Here are more traditional selections that I think are Most Excellent, especially when creating a more classic interior design.

Lighting from The Urban Electric Company is available to the Trade only.