13 June 2008

Hot Legs!

Tina Tsang designs a tea set for Blaue Blume that is Most Excellent. The whimsical white porcelain tea set features a tea cup with a pair of legs handle, a sugar bowl that appears to have a lady crawling out from inside and a milk pitcher that seems to have landed and crushed a witch from OZ who is wearing gold rather than red shoes.

Whether you think this tea set is creepy or cool, sexist or whatever, there is no denying that your next tea party can be anything but ordinary. Kick those legs up high! High Tea!

The Tina Tsang tea set for Blaue Blume is available at http://www.undergrowthdesign.com . It is important to note that the porcelain tea trio ships from the United Kingdom, so expect to put out a small chunk of change for shipping.