19 February 2008

Where the Deer and Antelope Play.

Lucite Deer Head mounted on a silver painted concrete block wall

First of all, I do not support or endorse hunting and the killing of animals for sport. While it has long been a tradition to mount the head of a deer, antelope or other trophy kill above a fireplace, etc., I would much rather go for one of these Most Excellent variations. In the right environment, a whimsical deer or antelope head made of lucite, painted resin, aluminum or hand-carved wood, may be just the right touch. I suspect any of these would be a piece that sparks conversation, adds interest to a space and is certainly different and unique! I do want to throw out a word or two of caution - this decorative accessory or detail is NOT just for any space, home, etc. It is a gem or jewel piece that must be carefully chosen and placed in the ideal room. This may be an area where the advice of an expert or professional may be important before proceeding. I would lean toward placing one of these heads in a more contemporary environment, however, I have no problem seeing one of these trophy pieces adorning the walls of a traditional den, library or living room. Design is all about exploring the possibilities, choosing the right elements and making sure they all work together flawlessly. I do consider the right eclectic mix to be "flawless". One of these wall statues might certainly be a part of an eclectic interior design. This detail is fun and definitely worth pursuing for those who are bold enough to take the adventure.

A pink painted deer head made of resin

Hand-carved deer head from Roost

A graceful aluminum antelope wall statue

Sloping, curved horn of antelope statue, (detail)

Aluminum antelope head wall statue, (detail)