25 February 2008

Teak. Remixed.

"Volcano" table. Teak tree trunk in Bronze

Definitely not a typical teak table! These coffee tables from Chista are made from the trunks and roots of the Teak tree. Huge slabs of teak are cut and set with stainless steel or simply perched alone. There are remixed versions of large chunks of teak that have been ebonized or cast in bronze. Regardless of which table graces the center of a furniture grouping, the design statement will be huge! http://www.chista.net

Made of slice of Teak root and Stainless Steel

"Meteor" table. Created from naturally formed Teak root.

Teak root table

"Volcano" table - Ebonized solid teak trunk

Teak tree trunk with Stainless Steel base