13 February 2008

Lovely Bespoke Art Furniture.

These eclectic, dramatic and bespoke works of art may be just the right alternative to Valentine's Day chocolates, roses or a night on the town. Hand-painted and upholstered, each piece created by Jimmie Martin, Ltd. in England, is truly a work of art. In lieu of a painting on the wall or a simple sculpture, I would love to see one of these Most Excellent creations perched as a special "jewel" crowning just the right interior.

Jimmie Martin provides an eclectic showcase of one-off pieces of furniture combining the decadent and quirky with the
nostalgic and urban.

All pieces are individually finished off to either the customer’s personal taste, or to the ideas of the founders, Jimmie and Martin. Between them, they have experience and education in the arts, design, media and fashion as well as the business and IT market.

While Jimmie is still in the fashion business, via ICM Models, they are now both focusing their talents on their new bespoke furniture concept.

There is a rare consistency of sophisticated pieces combined with a sexy, modern design element.

Multi-colored fur upholstery

Cupid surrounded by chairs painted with the Seven Deadly Sins