28 February 2008



While I am not a big fan of tchochkes, these frog sculptures are Most Excellent. Handsome and a lot of fun, they may be purchased from such prestigious retailers as Gumps, San Francisco. Many of Tim Cotterill's metal bird and animal sculptures have even been sold at Sotheby's.

Tim Cotterill, the FROGMAN known for his frog collectibles, has an uncontrollable passion for frogs. And only frogs. He loves everything about those bulgy-eyed beauties — their faces, their webbed feet, their springy legs and their antic nature. He incorporates every possible expression, contour, and subtlety of these amphibians into his green-enameled bronzes. Tim has also published two Frog books showcasing his work.

Growing up in Great Britain, he developed a lifelong love of things that go "jump" in the night. Says Tim, "As a little boy, I always loved looking for frogs in the fields of England."

Once he moved to Venice Beach, California, Cotterill discovered frogs as a sculptural form through which he could express his delightful sense of humor.

What makes Tim's frogs unique is that many bear human traits of different characters - a dancer, swimmer, the prince charming, etc. And these red-hot frogs are being snapped up by people all over the world, including many celebrities. Says Tim, "Muhammed Ali's wife collects them I've been told, Michelle Pfeiffer, David Hasselhoff, Whoopi Goldberg."

Priced from $400 to $8,000, Frogman's bronze frog sculptures are flying out of shops at a phenomenal rate of a thousand a month! Tim says "I'm feeding galleries in Singapore, Italy, Guam, Hawaii ... "

Since no two frogs are alike, the process is painstaking. Cotterill forms a pose on a wire frame. "Then I'll get car body filler and start laying it on and sanding it back until it builds and builds." Finally when it's smooth enough, he sends it off to a foundry to be cast in bronze.

Tim Cotterill's bronze frog sculptures capture the whimsical character, the jewel-like quality, and the pure J
OY of these beautiful little creatures. "Through the centuries and throughout the world, FROGS have symbolized many things - Good Luck, Royalty, Fertility, Magic Potions, Energy, Charm, Indiscretion, etc., etc. In today's fast world, life sometimes becomes complicated and stressful. As you can see, my art is not. It's Elegant, Stylish, Whimsical, Unique, and is pure FUN! It makes people SMILE! When we smile and laugh it releases endorphins all through our body and mind. The more we smile, laugh, and feel happy, the healthier we become."