27 February 2008

AGAPE - World Class Bathroom Design.

My absolute favorite - The double "Minuetto" wash basins with mirrors suspended from ceiling, Corian counter top

Some of my favorite bathroom wash basins, bathtubs and showers are imported from Italy. Agape, the manufacturer of all of the bathroom fixtures shown here offer a creative, innovative and very sophisticated line of bathroom furnishings. Materials such as glass, steel, treated wood and polypropylene are combined to produce some Most Excellent designs. Ideal for larger bathrooms, Agape is a industry leader when it comes to world class bathroom fixtures, fittings, accessories and more for those interested in more modern living. http://www.agapedesign.it

Graceful curved "Gabbiano" wood wash basin with glass front and mirrored medicine chest

"Minuetto" single glass sink with a Corian counter top and optional towel bar - adjustable round side mirror, wall mounted

Treated wood "Woodline" wash basin with stainless steel wall tap

Scroll design "Chiocciola" Polypropylene shower - Outdoor installation

Scroll design "Chiocciola" Polypropylene shower - Indoor installation

Wooden and Glass composition with adjustable round mirror - "Boxes" collection

"Ufo" stainless steel bathtub with floor tap

Agape's "Spoon" bathtub - Tap rises from floor and pours into tub