01 June 2012

give me a hand.

I am so fond of the many objects and curiosities as well as unique gifts and candles that come from D.L. & Company. I will be the first one to admit that my taste can be rather "unique" at times. Actually, I prefer, "tasteful and unique". Some individuals may not have a candle in their home, that realistically looks like a human hand. I, on the other hand, would!

The "Vena Amoris" Effigy Wax Sculpture from D.L. & Company is exactly that. It is a sculpture and a work of art. This particular sculpture just happens to be made of wax. Of course, it is also a candle and may be burned if you are ever so inclined. This Hand is a whimsical item or accessory that I might tuck away somewhere in my design of a room. It is not intended to be an accessory that has prime placement in the room. Rather, I would like to see the "Hand" placed where it can just be "discovered". This is a quirky accessory that will likely receive different reactions from guests - exactly what it should do. It's presence will likely have nothing to do with the interior design of a contemporary living room. I believe, it's a fun detail. The "Vena Amoris" Wax Hand Sculpture is available in Crème or Black for approximately $160.00. Here.