29 May 2012

The Cherry on Top of the Cake.

 Sometimes a little glamor, sparkle and pizazz can transform a room from the ordinary to the extraordinary. The beauty about interior design is that there are so many different ways to express our individual style. What one person finds aesthetically pleasing, another person may not. Excellent interior design pays attention to design concepts but doesn't necessarily follow any set "rules".

When asked why I chose this 1940's Colored Crystal Chandelier as the background image for the Patrick J. Baglino, Jr. Interior Design Blog, my reply was quite simple. I chose this retro chandelier, as ornate as it is, because it represents an integral part of my style direction. I brand this direction, "Urban Sophistication". It is an eclectic intermingling of both traditional and contemporary elements. Special, unique and perhaps unexpected accessories or furnishings, such as the chandelier shown here, can really make a room sing. Provided, of course, they are not used excessively. This chandelier is only meant to crown the design of a contemporary dining room. It is a "jewel piece". This handmade crystal creation is one singular element meant to boldly punctuate a room, not define it. Think of it as the Cherry garnish on the top of a Chocolate Ganache Cake!