11 June 2012

"What is that?"

As I entered the JANUS et Cie showroom in Georgetown the other night, I noticed an interesting display piece poised silently in a display case behind the main reception desk. At first, I was unable to identify the ornate white object. Upon closer inspection, I realized I was looking at the most unique and exquisite teapot! A teapot that will never pour a drop of water. This is a showstopper accessory meant to be properly displayed in any home. The ornate vessel has the power to sit all by itself on a dining room sideboard, for example, and command the same level of attention and respect one would extend to a fine sculpture created by an accomplished artist. 

The delicate matte porcelain teapot looks like it is made of hard sugar paste, an art form known as Alfeñique. Although the teapot sat quietly, yet majestically in it's display case, all I did was take one look at this hand-made creation and it spoke volumes. I could not resist posting two photographs of it here.