05 June 2012

A 'Royal Calling' for Gloriana.

I had the pleasure of receiving an email from The Rug Company today. This company, with a home base in London, is responsible for producing visually stimulating, forward thinking rug designs of impeccable quality. 

As I posted yesterday, the Queen of England recently celebrated her Diamond Jubilee. The preparation that went into creating this tremendous event must have been incredible. The Rug Company, received a 'Royal Calling' requesting that they make a rug for the Royal Rowbarge Gloriana. The rug was presented to her Majesty and was, of course, part of the Jubilee celebration.

The photographs here, taken from The Rug Company blog shows exterior and interior snapshots of Designer Emily Todhunter's brilliantly balanced and timeless 'Fretwork', which was embellished with an ER in gold silk. The rug was brilliantly made by weavers in Nepal who were proud to have such an important and notable commission.

Congratulations to The Rug Company on their 'Royal Calling' and their production of the beautiful and undeniably exquisite rug that adorned the floor of Gloriana.