27 June 2012

Groovy Wall Coverings with Major Impact.

Who said wallpaper has to be boring? These wall coverings from Bradbury & Bradbury Art Wallpapers don't only capture the current Neon design color trend, but they bring back a "Mod Generation", the 1960's in a big way. These specialty papers are fun, vibrant, unexpected and not for everyone. The statement they make is significant and their boldness is sure to cause quite a surprise. This is wall paper that may work nicely, in small doses, in a child's room, a small powder room, a trendy studio apartment or in the home of someone who has very eccentric taste. I have chosen papers from Bradbury & Bradbury that have the greatest punch and impact. However, their extensive line includes beautiful, refined damask wall papers, historical wall papers, Victorian papers, etc. There is a look from many different design periods in history. If used appropriately, with a well directed design vision, some of these mod wall coverings can actually add a special touch to a room that paint alone cannot. Interior design is sometimes about taking risks, thinking "outside the box" and going against the expected. Dare to give it a try?