20 June 2012

American Tradition and Unabashed Eclecticism.

For those about to make the biggest commitment of their lives, choosing a china pattern can sometimes be a difficult task. Because it is something that is meant to "stay a while" and serve for many years of use, the selection of the "right" china pattern can be a challenge. My thought on this is to make a decision to purchase a china pattern that you strongly respond to aesthetically. It should be something that sparks your interest, inspires you and will continue to make you happy over a long period of time.

While it is bold and distinct, and certainly makes quite the statement, I love Kelly Wearsler's Mulholland China Pattern for Pickard China. According to Pickard, America's oldest fine china company, "Mulholland features platinum and gold stripes that overlap and appear to wrap around each piece. Inspired by modern art, Mulholland is a graphic pattern that mixes well with the more decorative patterns to create a vibrant and unique place setting." The feature I like best is that this unique pattern may be mixed well with other decorative patterns to create a look that is all about you. Congratulations to all those couples who will select china patterns as part of the marriage tradition.