09 April 2012


I was not given a "green thumb". Quite the opposite. I tend to over-water, under-water or just plain forget to water my houseplants. Or, I give them shade when they need sun or full exposure sun when they need just a bit of partial sun. I love using plants and flowers when designing a home. I think they add life and provide good energy to our surroundings. It is also exciting to watch as they grow and evolve within the space.

I have turned to succulents. These low-maintenance plants bring the natural world to our surroundings - inside or outside quite effortlessly. They take up very little space, tend to just live on air with a sprinkle of whatever every so often. They are also quite interesting looking, unique and colorful. They are the perfect addition to any style room or outdoor space. The photographs below show my use of succulents on a side table "stump" in a den and on a coffee table outside on the terrace. I especially love when the plants are placed in different pots and displayed together in small groupings.

I just discovered that West Elm sells groups of three succulents to be used in planters, wood decorative boxes, terrariums, and even some very cool glass wall planters, (end photo). They are fun to decorate with, easy to care for and they enhance our living spaces with beauty, texture and variety.