27 April 2012

Simply. "Byron".

Coco Chanel once said, "Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance". The Byron table from Bradley Hughes, is just that - simple and elegant. What makes it unique and has prompted me to introduce this table here is the use of materials that are combined to create this table. A 2.5" bone concrete top is supported by a hand-forged iron base. The look is contemporary, modern and industrial. This uncomplicated piece may be appreciated for the strength of the materials used. Delightfully so, it is also possible to add color, a variety of different finishes and even an alternative top to the table. All bespoke finishes permits this table to become something very unique and personal to the environment where it will become a part of. Specific color finishes that intrigued me were Persimmon, Algae and Smoke. The alternative table top materials include such options as Antique Mirror, Onyx, Colored Glass, Limestone and wood. I believe the table base is best kept in the natural iron although even that may be dazzled with an antique pewter or gold finish. Of course, custom sizing is also available. With all these choices it is very difficult to go wrong in creating a piece of furniture that has a dashing and distinguished personality. However, I return to the original design - bone concrete with natural, hand-forged iron. I like the natural, neutral and textural elements of these two materials and I certainly enjoy envisioning this table as a centerpiece in a contemporary living room with a single orange Pin Protea grounded in a charcoal ceramic vase for just a punctuation of color.

Pin Protea