12 April 2012

Spacium by JetClass.

At first glance it may be difficult to figure out just what it is. It has the characteristics of a both an ornate classic piece of furniture, along with a simple contemporary facade. This is the "Spacium" Bar from Portugal-based furniture manufacturer, Jetclass. The bar is stirring up all kinds of interest at the various trade shows where it has been showcased. I don't know if I have ever seen anything quite like this luxurious piece of furniture. It is not only beautiful, but this masterful piece is designed to keep everything hidden from view. While the bar may appear to be flat, once opened, it is as if one was opening a gift full of some wonderful surprises. Inside this jewel piece is a built-in refrigerator, freezer compartment, bottle holders, wine rack and a section just for housing bar ware and glassware. There are many options available for customization as well. You may add a cigar humidor and even a built-in television. This design is highly unique. The carved base is exquisitely and intricately executed. This bar would be an absolute show stopper in any room where it was placed. The price is available upon request only.