23 April 2012


I have always been fond of combining different types of materials in order to compose a piece of furniture or an accessory. I believe a room should be designed with a mixture of elements such as wood, glass, stone, metal, etc. However, finding the right combination to use together is somewhat of a trick. Here, Emporium Home has created a beautiful chandelier using two different materials - agate and satin brass. The natural agate adds texture, color and visual excitement to this chandelier. The satin brass foundation is uncomplicated, sophisticated and refined. When the two materials are fashioned together, the result is magic. A chandelier such as "The Eclipse" from Emporium Home is the perfect jewel piece to complement any different type of decor. I can see it in a monochromatic modern interior to a traditional dining room with red lacquer walls or maybe even in a Hollywood Regency style room.