02 April 2012

Shoo-Fly. Shoo!

For the same reason I chose to hang a limited edition photograph of the head of a cockatoo over my HGTV "Showhouse Showdown" Winning Master Bedroom design, I would hang this piece of art, entitled, "Fly Paper", by Sara Singh. A cockatoo is the last thing you would expect to see hanging over the bed in a transitional style bedroom. It is likely the case that you would want to shoo or swat flies out of your house, let alone pay homage to them in an artistic creation. It's about silliness, drama, the unexpected, out-of-the-ordinary, etc. Granted, a cockatoo photograph is not going to work for many people in their master bedroom. One thing is for certain, a beautifully framed archival ink on archival paper artistic vision of flies stuck on fly paper will grab your attention, start a conversation, or just be plain memorable. Good, bad or otherwise. This is thinking "outside the box", having fun with interior design, being playful and perhaps weird. Art, like beauty, is subjective. Love it? Hate it? But, definitely, think about it.

My winning master bedroom design for HGTV's new hit series "Showhouse Showdown" includes a limited edition photograph of the head of a cockatoo, set in an antique gold dusted bamboo frame over the sleek and contemporary bed. Memorable? Weird? Odd? Fun? This is art that doesn't just fade away. It makes the room "pop". However, I understand this is not a look for everyone.