10 March 2008

Variations on a Theme - "Crop Circles"

Bespoke rug designer, Luke Irwin

They may not work for everyone, but they sure are Most Excellent. These rugs by designer, Luke Irwin are from his "Crop Circles" collection. I love the colors and the fluidity they add to a room. I am also fond of the way such a contemporary pattern can feel perfectly at home and foil a more traditional environment.

Luke Irwin was born in Dublin in the late 1960’s and has had a varied career in many fields before founding his bespoke rug company. Starting in theatre and opera Luke went on to work in public relations, as a theatrical agent and in fine antiques before setting up "Luke Irwin" in 2003.

He has a very definite view on rug design that is apparent in the uniqueness of the designs and themes that run through his portfolio.

The main intention in founding "Luke Irwin" was to create a service that would give the customer complete choice and control over their own rug. With a wide range of possible choices to be made concerning the size, color, weave, textile and design Luke Irwin aims to offer each customer a truly bespoke and personal piece.

The design company believes that the importance of a rug in any given room is often greatly underestimated; it is the cornerstone or foundation on which all the elements and personality within that room are bound together whether this is through color or design.

In many ways the rug should be the last thing you notice but when you do the ingenuity of the creativity involved to make that room blend is revealed. There are many areas where a rug should be a stand alone feature and this is generally achieved through color.