21 March 2008

More than an Easter Bonnet!

This posting is by PJBJRID's Design Assistant, Megan Blake

I am in shock at my hands... a tie-dye blend of smeared pink, yellow, and a terrific shade of purple (a fantastic possibility in lacquer). Last night was a marathon egg-dying event. Without a doubt from the first dye job, I managed to shatter a handful of wax-penciled traditions. The collage of broken egg shells reminded me of eggshell lacquer, a decorative treatment which originated in China and became quite vogue in the 1930’s. Gump’s of San Fran sells a couple peices, including my fav, the Eggshell Nesting Tables.

The burnished surface is a blend of tiny egg shell fragments and a chocolate brown lacquer. Mush more labor-intensive then a dozen or so colorful hard-boiled creations but perfect in almost any setting. And not to foget the egg shell Bath Collection. Hand-rubbed and no-less handsome, they’ll look great in any spa-like setting.

Cracked eggs no more.

A fresh take on the egg shape in home decor comes from his eggcellence, designer Jim Schatz. He makes common products in a unique and innovative way. Out of his eleven product lines, today's post highlights the Egg Lamp, Egg Birdhouse, Egg Bank, and Egg Birdfeeder, all of which come in mouth-watering glossy spring colors. All easy to find and fall in love with.

If these don't lighten the load of your easter basket, how about 
turning on the Red Gloss Egg Lamp by ET2. The unique broken shade is accented with a red gloss finish. 

Now, I thought I had seen everything, until I realized that the are truly more then 101 ways to cook an egg. If you watching your waistline but hungry for something sunny-side-up, step into this scale. Made by Viceversa, the Egg Scale can stand up to any large feet. And with colors such as Aracione, Celeste, and Verde Orange, who can resist a little balancing act.

Happy Easter!