11 March 2008

Light. Decorative Hemispherical Forms.

"Solas Lighting Collection" - Decorative hemispherical forms, with pieces used in plain form or with decoration in pierced and gold transfer patterns. Known for overlaying vintage tableware with hand-cut and transfer-print patterns, C.J. O'Neill of Manchester, United Kingdom, has created new bone china that doubles as wall sconces. Variations include 7 - 10-inch diameter sizes, in a range of pierced or solid gold, black and orange patterns. The choices are many and may be served up in any manner you want. Installation photographs are above and below.

Marking or decorating the inside surface of the lights conceals the contents until the light is switched on, revealing the hidden patterns within as well as the beautiful warmth of the translucent bone china. Piercing geometric patterns in the surface allows light to peep through and glisten on the surroundings. Transfer decoration is in real gold; used on both sides of the work and in conjunction with light, will allow patterns to both diffuse through the translucent material, creating haunting shadows, as well as reflecting the surrounding space and light on the outer layer. http://www.cjoneill.co.uk


(follows "Solas" collection - below)

Commercial installation of "Solas" sconces on wall

Whimsical bird design inside "Solas" bone china sconce

"Solas" bone china sconces - with pure gold detail design - (illuminated below)

Gold designs illuminate through the china bowl when lit

"Pierced" Solas bowls - installed on wall


Inspired by lily pads floating in water, the Lily Pad Chandelier, by jGoodDesign is organic and sculptural, not to mention Most Excellent!

The glass of the pendant is made by blowing a spherical shape and then spinning it out into a flat form while it is very hot. The process creates interesting optic rings in the glass. The Lily Pad Chandelier is available in varying heights, diameters, colors and finishes. Each one is unique and signed by the artist. The lights are Hand-Made in New York City and are Eco-Friendly. http://www.jgooddesign.com

The Lily Pad Chandelier - Close up view

The Lily Pad Chandelier in a Grey Smoked Glass with Nickel hardware

Down rod height of Chandelier may be custom specified