25 March 2008

Pick a Color. It's Not as Easy as it Sounds!

Reprinted from The Washington Post - "Designers' Favorites", 20.3.08
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Color can be difficult. One thing many of my clients tell me is how challenging it is for them to choose just the right paint color for a particular room, etc. With thousands and thousands of paint color choices available, the process of selecting just the right one or orchestrating a smashing color palette may be quite a frustrating and time consuming experience.

So many factors may affect making the "right" paint color choice - Here are just a few - 1. The lighting in the room 2. Personal preference, reaction and emotional response to a particular color 3. Color of furniture, furnishings, accessories, etc. that will be a part of the entire room "ensemble" 4. Ease of cleaning and upkeep 5. Design trends, and decorating style 6. Architecture, shape, size, location of the space, etcetera.

Approximately two weeks ago, Washington Post, Home Section, team writer, Jura Koncius, telephoned me and asked me to provide some of my recommendations to readers for paint colors. Below is the article that she put together as an introduction to making proper paint color choices. Above you will find a floor plan "map" of a home with specific color selections chosen by a few Washington, DC Interior Designers. I have contributed color ideas for the kitchen and the living room and have also shared the "secret" as to what color my own living room is painted in. That color is a very unique gray, lilac, beige color blend that changes tone, intensity and shade throughout the day, depending on the light level in the room. Additional information may be found by jumping to the
Washington Post Website

"Choosing a Color? Hold the Gravy."
by Jura Koncius, The Washington Post, 20.3.2008, Page H05

Reprinted from The Washington Post, Home Section, 20.3.08
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