31 March 2008

DAUM - "Art is the Ultimate Luxury"

I like Daum crystal. I think it is Most Excellent. In moderation.

I am not a big fan of tchotchkes placed in large groupings or major collections throughout a home. What I do like is a select object, sculpture, vase, small grouping of ceramics or perhaps a piece or two of Daum crystal strategically placed. Not every selection from the House of Daum gets my thumbs up. I am drawn to the more abstract, unusual, or precisely colorful masterpieces. I have just taken a run through the Daum website.

The site, complete with many special three-dimensional effects, displays the crystal created by Daum in a art gallery like format. Obviously paying respect to the fact that each and every piece of Daum crystal is a work of art. Many of which have been designed by some of the world's most highly regarded artists. Below are a few of my favorite selections from my tour of the Daum site. I have listed the price for each piece, just in case you may want to pick up one of these beautiful accessories for your home.

"La Venusienne" in Green Blue. Designed by Alain Sechas. 76 copies. $28,400.00 each.

From the "China" collection. "Dragon 8" in Amber. $1,150.00

"Chamane" in Black, designed Nicole Le Paire, 8 copies. $18,900.00 each.

"Ginkgo Small Bowl" in Green. $315.00

"Vis de forme" in Black and White. This avant-garde design allows the user of this lamp sculpture to change its shape by rotating each of the glass elements on its axis. 125 copies. $6,980.00 each.

"Sequoia Magnum Vase" in Green Amber. Designed by Emilio Robba. 388 copies. $12,200.00 each. I love the contrast of colors in this vase. The way they flow effortlessly into each other is stunning.