14 March 2008

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

"I Massi Specchi" mirror is available with either a white or blue light illuminating from behind. Design by Claudio Silvestrin.

Sophisticated and Edgy, these mirrors are manufactured by GLAS Italia. Here is just a small sample of my favorites. The "Fiction" mirror is Most Excellent and very unique.

Glas Italia was established in 1970 in Macherio in Brianza, in the industrious area of Regione Lombardia, Italy. Glas Italia is a family run company who believes in the phenomenon of "Italian design" and enjoys bringing that well-known and appreciated design force to all the world.

In the designing process of mirrors and other products created by the house, Glas Italia avails itself of the collaboration of renowned designers who - experimenting in full freedom on the technologically advanced productive plants made available by the Company - can express their creative talent, pointing out the inexhaustible potentialities of such a pure, noble and refined material as glass.

The "Fiction" mirror, (above and below), Series of mirrors available in two different sizes (105x60 and 180x60), realized in extra-light glass with degrading shaded silvering, hanging on the wall with a chromium-plated metal cylinder.

The small mirror can have a degrading shade upwards or downwards. Design by Jean-Marie Massaud.

"Rokokò" series of mirrors shaped as a frame, cut with water jet, in transparent extra-light glass. Design by Nanda Vigo.

"Moonlight" series. A Diptych composed of a mirror 5 mm. thick with polished ground edge and a mirror 2.8 mm. thick tempered glass with a transparent band. The tempered mirror, held tight by a metal structure, assumes a bending which can be both concave or convex. The result is a variably deformed reflected image. (above and below) Design by Nando Vigo.