07 May 2012

Cast Iron Jacks.

I am not fond of excessive amounts of "things" and clutter on every table top in the house. I do, however, think fun, whimsical, decorative details placed selectively and sparingly here and there is a nice touch. I think these cast iron jacks are a delightful way to add a bit of playfulness to a room. Each weathered, antiqued, different colored jack is made of cast iron and measures just about 3"h x 4"w x 5". For just $40.00 for a group of three, they are an interesting way to spark what might be a lifeless tabletop. They may look nice tossed together on a bookshelf. I wouldn't mind seeing them as one of the few decorative details on an entry console table. They would look interesting combined in a mantle top display with other materials like a glass vase, a ceramic bowl, and/or stone abstract sculpture. Done correctly, the look could be quite dynamic and sophisticated. 

Most importantly, have fun. They certainly are.