21 May 2012

"Steampunk" Sculptural Art Lamps.

 I consulted the Urban Dictionary for this definition. "Steampunk" is a type of subculture that mixes the styles of past generations (such as the Victorian era) with modern conveniences, creating inventions that look as if they could have been created generations ago. For instance, a Gameboy would be powered by steam and contain clockwork parts rather than silicon and electrical wiring.

My friend, Stuart Dymond of DymondDesign, has taken his hobby of creating Steampunk Sculptural Art Lamps to the marketplace. These brilliantly fashioned lamps are like none other that I have seen. They are individual works of art that have been created from reclaimed and salvaged mechanical or building parts, vintage wood boxes, stained glass, porcelain, exotic wood, aluminum, brass and copper to name a few of the materials. 

Stuart is a local artist currently living in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His shop has recently had it's grand opening on Etsy.com and his selections of Steampunk lamps are fantastic. A one-of-a-kind lamp, such as Stuart's is not necessarily favored for the light it emits, but for the originality and creativity behind the work of art. It is a piece of sculpture for a room. A "jewel" piece. Certainly a conversation starter.

Stuart Dymond's Etsy.com profile sums it up well. As he states, 

"I am a local artist in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
I specialize in unique, one of a kind Victorian "Steampunk" style art lamps but also build a variety of contemporary and Asian inspired lamps.
Each piece is handcrafted from vintage/new materials and professionally fitted with new wiring and electrical components.
My lamps are truly "out of the ordinary" and cannot be found in stores.
Every lamp is an original work of sculptural art lighting and none of my designs will ever be duplicated.
Scale, proportion, asymmetricality and whimsicality are incorporated in all of my designs."

 He goes on to say that he is available to be commissioned for custom pieces that may incorporate sentimental or special objects. These lamps or art pieces are worth checking out. You may do so by clicking here.