15 May 2012

Where? A Green Chandelier!

Every so often I run into a piece of furniture, an accessory, or a light fixture that grabs my attention, yet I have no idea where I would use it. Oftentimes it is a decorative element that "speaks to me". One such piece is this green crystal chandelier from Cyan Design. The question that goes along with this light pendant is where would I use something so elaborate? Many individuals would run away from this ornate and very unique lighting fixture. I, on the other hand, may hang it predominately over the dining table in the interior design of a slick, modern home, hotel or restaurant in Miami, for example. Similar in theory to the striped stairway runner I featured yesterday, this bright green chandelier could hang quite magnificently in a space designed with a tone on tone neutral color palette. In that case, the chandelier would be the star of the room. It would be a glimmering but bold detail. I think it is sometimes great to be bold in design. BUT I caution, it is best to be bold at the right time and in the right place with some knowledge of what the final outcome will look like. It's not for everyone and simply won't work in just any space.