23 May 2008

What to drive. The New Mercedes-Benz SCL600.

Funny that my mother introduced me to the new Mercedes-Benz SCL600.

Ever since I was a kid in high school I have been infatuated with Mercedes-Benz automobiles. In the twelfth grade my father offered to purchase a restored Mercedes 350SL for me to drive back and forth to school in and to tour around the New Jersey Shore. With great disappointment, my mother decided that a high school student did not need such a car, so the idea was promptly vetoed.

Several years later, after deciding that I no longer wanted to live in Washington, DC without a car, I purchased my first Mercedes-Benz automobile... an Ice Blue 190E with a Parchment colored leather interior and a beige and red pinstripe at the top of the outside doors. It reminded me of something nautical and I probably would not choose to buy such a car in the present day. Three Mercedes-Benz vehicles later I now run around in an Obsidian Black Mercedes-Benz SLK350.

This blog is really about interior design, architecture and things I consider Most Excellent. What I drive is really unimportant. While there is limited information regarding this vehicle at this time, it does have some nifty design elements that are worth mentioning. I ponder whether or not I would actually drive a car like this. I question... would you? Is it Most Excellent? I think so.

The new Benz is a cyberspacer's dream come true...
The "C" in SCL stands for cyberspace.

The new Benz Dot-Dashboard is way cool!
There is no steering wheel so you would drive it with a joystick! No pedals either. Can you drive with a joystick? Cyberspacers drive this way a lot! It is commonly known that the youth of today have no problem driving with a joystick. Such equipment is the key to most video game equipment. This is the Virtual come to real life!