16 May 2008

DEDON. Redefining Outdoor Furniture.

I'd like to be at the beach. More specifically, I'd like to be at the beach lounging in one of these Most Excellent chaise lounges from exclusive outdoor furniture manufacturer, Dedon.
(Their website has the peaceful sound of ocean waves and seagulls - quite fantastic on what is a rather dreary day in Washington, DC)

Dedon is among the leading manufacturers specializing in the creation and distribution of exquisite hand woven outdoor furniture. Founded in 1990 by former professional soccer player,
Bobby Dekeyser, the company has revolutionized the outdoor furniture market with its designs in just a few short years. Dedon is now represented in 52 countries, employs over 3,000 people and displays its products in its own showrooms in Barcelona, Paris and Vienna. Dedon furniture is imported into the United States by Janus et cie of West Hollywood, California, 1.800.24.JANUS.

Dedon furniture is hand woven from a highly durable synthetic material called "Dedon Fiber". It is produced in the company's German headquarters in Luneburg. The fiber is washable, extremely easy to maintain, resists salt-water, sunlight and high and low temperatures. Additionally, is an environmentally friendly material.

"Yin and Yang" Lounge chairs

"Leaf" lounge chair

This would work perfectly for me!

"Obelisk" modular furniture, (above and below)