07 May 2008

Spotlight: Barbara Cosgrove Accessories

Ever since a recent trip to Los Angeles I have been enchanted by Hollywood Regency Style. The style may be defined as a blend of Neo-classical eclecticism mixed with Hollywood glamour and a playful modern mix. Hollywood Regency was a style of architecture and decoration popular in the 1960's in Los Angeles. Essentially it was a revival of classical regency style injected with a heavy dose of modern detailing. Hollywood Regency added a layer of pattern and decoration and opulence and glamour to the minimalism of mid-century modernism.

Lighting and accessories designer Barbara Cosgrove brings us a few select pieces from her collection that have that Hollywood Regency flair. I absolutely love the Boy and Girl Porcelain lamps, (pictured above), with the mirrored silver shade. These accessories are playful, modern while upholding the opulence and glamour that is a strong component of the Hollywood Regency style.

Parrot lamp in Porcelain with brown silk shade

Porcelain Bird lamp with Black Silk Shade

White Gold finish Greyhound lamp with khaki silk shade and embroidered scroll design

Embroidered Velvet Ottomans

Silver Bamboo Table Lamps with White Linen Drum Shade

Set of Six Porcelain Plates - To be used as wall decoration