08 September 2008

The Neighborhood Bang & Olufsen.

Located just across from the "Shirt Laundry" with its blue paint peeling sign, will soon be the home of Bang & Olufsen, Logan Circle, Washington, DC. This area of the city has certainly seen amazing development over the past few years. New restaurants, a Whole Foods Market, an upscale opticians a Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams store, etcetera, have all come to the area. It is with great surprise that I encountered the sign below - announcing the soon to be Bang & Olufsen store. I do think Bang & Olufsen is Most Excellent. Their video and audio products are top notch in terms of function and design. They really are just beautiful. I have Bang & Olufsen telephones throughout my home and while I don't think they are drastically different than a standard telephone in terms of function, they certainly are prettier.

The decision to place this super exclusive audio and video retailer in Logan Circle is either one that will be successful or a complete disaster. My guess is there will be some problems. While Logan Circle has many new condominium developments and a young, hip, upper middle-class demographic, Bang & Olufsen is not the type of store that you just stroll into after shopping at Whole Foods and pick up an $8,000.00 television. Bang & Olufsen is a retailer with stores on Rodeo Drive in Berverly Hills, CA and Madision Avenue, New York. I am puzzled as to why the retailer chose to open Bang & Olufsen 14th Street. It just does not seem logical to me. It does not feel congruent with the area, even though the area has been in a state of upward development.

On a positive note, maybe the addition of this store to the once very run down 14th Street, will encourage other power retailers to the area. It certainly is going to take an improving economy to support a store that sells telephones starting at $150.00 and CD changers and loundspeakers that can easily run well over $5,000.00. This is not the neighborhood Radio Shack. This is Bang & Olufsen. I only wish them the best of luck in Logan Circle.

Coming soon. Bang & Olufsen Logan Circle, DC.

A Bang & Olufsen telephone.

The Shirt Laundry just across the street from the new Bang & Olufsen store.

Bang & Olufsen television and home speaker system.