22 September 2008

Justin Couch Design.

Inventive. Imaginative. Irreverent. Definitely Most Excellent.

The work of industrial designer, Justin Couch is seen here. Above and below is his "negative" line of furniture. This collection presents classic furniture designs in a new, unexpected form. It appears as though the old furniture has been subtracted from the clean, simple volume of the actual piece. The shield back and Chippendale chair, shown above, is created from black and white formica, respectively.

Justin Couch's Wilhelm coffee and Alexander dining tables exhibit classical furniture styling with the clean, sleek aesthetics of a modern contemporary look. The dining table is perfect for four and the coffee table would look fabulous in front of any modern couch. Both are lacquered baltic birch and the dining table features walnut veneer. (below)


This coffee table, (below), is a coffee table in the form of the geographical borders of the District of Columbia, emphasizing the incompleteness of the form while using that same incompleteness to provide function and utility. Shown below in white and black formica and walnut ply.

The District Table