30 September 2008

F.O.J. : The Swallow's Nest.

A decorative cut-out Swallow made from an old map

have had the pleasure of spending time at "The Nest". The Nest is a gathering spot for a group of warm and welcoming friends who connect each Sunday to spend time together. To R., my favorite "Swallow", here is how to build a Swallow's Nest Box and decorate with cut out Swallows from old maps. I am very excited to have earned my F.O.J., (Friend of James), sticker and look forward to returning to The Nest.

Diagram of a Swallow's Nest Box

B or front is 6.75" Wide by 7.5" Tall
main entrance hole is centered 5 1/2" above the floor (floor nails on underneath the front board to create the landing ledge)
C or front roof is 6.75" (including the angle cut) X 8.25"
D or main roof is 8.25" X 12.25"
E or back door is 6.75" wide by 5" tall bottom board is 6.75" wide by 15" long
Sides you would need to lay out once you get your other parts cut out.

A Swallow's Nest Box

A cluster of Swallow Cut-Outs from old maps