25 April 2008

Splash of Color.

A neutral room gets a lift from a blue crystal chandelier and abstract nude painting

I love a neutral colored room that has just a splash of color here and there added for interest. Accessories are the easiest way to "transform" a room without spending huge amounts of money to purchase new furniture, re-upholster or re-paint. A simple accent piece, colorful pillow, throw or even fun crystal candlestick may be an easy way to inject some color into a space. A small detail that will go a long way.

With what I hope to be a colorful summer just around the corner, here is a tiny sampling of some pillows, chairs and a whimsical candelabra that I ran into while breezing around Georgetown this afternoon.

Detail. Cut glass Candelabra in Multi-colors from Urban Outfitters. Set with Ivory Candles

Louis XV Style White wood finished arm chairs with multi-colored embroidered upholstery.

Hand-embroidered "Helsinki" floral pillow.

Red Lacquer tray table with Antelope Feet.

Multi-colored Glass Candelabra from Urban Outfitters

Multi-colored Grosgrain ribbon rectangular pillow.

Obviously I like this glass candlestick. Set appropriately in the right room, it could look rather elegant. Urban Outfitters

Very fun. I love this color. Acid Green Ostrich Feather Pillow.

The "Helsinki Zig-Zag" pillow.