24 April 2008

The Garden of Eden? ... In Silver Spring, Maryland?

A New Home... in Eden?

I have not yet decided if this advertisement is Most Excellent, tacky or just plain scary. It is, perhaps, a terrific marketing strategy. As we all know... sex sells. So, let's go with sexy. This ad, for new condominiums in Silver Spring, Maryland, is sexy. Well, the individuals in the picture are not really that sexy... so, the ad is not sexy. The jury is out. You decide.

My assistant Megan has been looking through the real estate advertisements recently and came across this treasure. If anyone has been to Silver Spring, Maryland, they might agree that it is a very nice suburban community, but it is no Garden of Eden. To some, "large units" and "full-bodied amenities" is the way to go.

The advertisement is creative, fun and whimsical. It is amusing and it just might be a successful way of attracting new home buyers in this rather slow economy. It made it to my blog, so I give "Westwood Gardens" an "A" for effort.

"Adam and Eve" by Flemish Baroque Era Painter, Peter Paul Rubens