10 April 2008


These are Most Excellent. They are definitely a departure from the ordinary. What I especially like is that they are a re-interpretation or re-invention of something that is rather familiar and expected. These "Glo-Canvases" from London-based design company, Duffy London, present a very formal crystal chandelier in a very unique way.

The nestmaker.com, (4 July 2007), puts it beautifully, when they state:

"Hot U.K. Design Company Duffy London scoffs at the very idea that light need only emanate from sconces, lamps and fixtures. One look and you’ll see why their Glo-Canvases hang in the hottest hotels here and abroad. These fabulous frames combine art and function: A gorgeous digital print with tiny fluorescents built inside, providing a gentle glow. Your eyes will pop at the way this chandelier (we also love this one in green) lights up a room, no dusting, bulb changing or crystal replacement necessary. Perfect for walls, halls and ceilings."

Chandelier Glo-Canvases framed in gold

A double-sided Chandelier Glo-Canvas hovers over the dining table

Black box mount Chandelier Glo-Canvas

Chandelier Glo-Canvas in Green, (soft blue color pictured at top of blog entry)