12 December 2011

Foo Dogs.

It is no secret that I love the color Lime Green. It is also no surprise that I am fond of Asian accents in a home. Particularly, Foo dogs. Today, I ran into these beautiful Foo Dogs on One Kings Lane. In Lime Green Porcelain. They are absolutely beautiful, elegant and also serve a very important purpose. If I may borrow the words from the One Kings Lane website, "Foo dogs - the lion-dogs often seen flanking entrances of important buildings, are Eastern relatives of gargoyles and griffins. Just as their Western relatives guard cathedrals and buildings, scaring away evil spirits, their deadly fangs, talons, and leering grins suggesting "I had a lovely time with the last one of your kind who happened by this way", the Foo Dogs guard Buddhist temples, their expressions full of beneficence afforded to those whose might is never in question."

I recently broke a Turquoise Foo Dog from the 1920's that sits in my home. Although he was promptly repaired, I must say I am itching for some Lime Green Porcelain.