16 June 2011

Euro Tropiques Platter Plate

The small details on Bernardaud's Euro Tropiques Platter Plate intrigue me. First of all, I like the delicious deep crimson colors on white found on the plate. I then like the twist of the snake design and the overall shape of the platter. I look at this as a "jewel piece" for the table. It's an interesting platter that is versatile and may be combined with many different table settings. I would love to see this plate paired with a grouping of crisp white dinner plates and white linen napkins piped with the crimson color found in the plate. This is a conversation piece. A lovely way to allow French porcelain to spark some interest at the dinner or luncheon table. The plate is available at Barney's New York for $480.00.. As mentioned, it is Authentic French porcelain from Bernardaud. Brazilian designers, the Campanas Brothers, have collaborated to produce this unique platter plate that measures 11.4"d. It is made in France.