27 September 2011

Washington Post Home & Design Magazine: Diplomatic Retreat

The first floor apartment, now a private residence, in what used to be the Chancery of Costa Rica. Photo courtesy: Benjamin Tankersley

In her Washington Post Home and Design Magazine Feature Article, Writer Nancy McKeon takes us on a tour of some of Washington, DC's former embassies that have now become private residences. I am pleased to be a part of the feature. I recently moved from a penthouse apartment which was the Ambassador to the United States from New Guinea. The space was a very dramatic condo in a magnificent section of DuPont Circle. Surprisingly, I was told that my current residence, not too far in distance from my former home, was, at one time,. the Chancery of Costa Rica. I never set out to find former embassies to live in. However, Nancy's feature is certainly interesting and makes for a lovely contribution to the Washington Post Fall Home and Design Magazine. I invite you to explore further.

The slideshow may be found here.

The Feature article may be found here.