24 February 2010

Insignificant Images?

Academy Award winner, Tilda Swinton, is one of my favorite actresses. She is now featured in a short film by Ryan McGinley. The film was created to celebrate the Spring/Summer 2010 collection by Pringle of Scotland. The company, is best known for their luxurious cashmere knitwear, and is credited with originating the Argyle pattern. A pattern, I might add, that has certainly made its way into interior design.

I am not only intrigued by the film because it features Tilda Swinton, but also because I am trying to decipher its meaning. The footage is beautiful, but is basically seven minutes of Tilda Swinton dashing the moors, crawling into and out of a cave and wading through water. Half the time she is donning one black Pringle dress and the other half, an ivory one. Perhaps the film's meaning is the simple appreciation for beauty.

Check out Pringle of Scotland here.