09 February 2010

Ice Hotel

The Washington, DC area has been slammed with close to thirty inches of snow this past weekend. We are expecting another ten to twenty inches by tomorrow. Certainly, an escape from this bitter cold weather to a warm island paradise would be most welcome. However, for those individuals who want an adventure with an added frigid twist, why not escape to Sweden's Ice Hotel?

One of the first Ice Hotels ever built is situated on the shores of the Torne River, in Sweden. You can only get to Sweden's Ice Hotel by air to and from Kiruna, Sweden. Trips can only be arranged as part of total trans-Atlantic air packages. This ice hotel was first constructed in the late 1980’s, and is popular with Europeans. Besides the bedrooms the hotels also contains an ice chapel, ice gallery and ice bar where drinks are served in glasses made of ice. In addition to using ice glasses as in the Kiruna ice hotel, the bar (and room service) also serves cold cuts on ice plates. If you're not sure you want to stay the night, you can still experience the Ice Hotel through a public tour.