01 February 2010

Biomorphic Console

Tony Duquette was an American artist and designer who was known for his exuberant signature style. Considered by many as an American design icon, Duquette left behind an artistic legacy that inspires fantasy and stirs the imagination. The Biomorphic Console, (pictured above), is considered one of Duquette's most inspired works, the Biomorphic Console was originally designed for the Charles and Palmer Ducommun Bel Air residence in the 1960s. Impeccably recreated by Baker furniture, the console is cast in resin in three separate pieces, then fabricated together to produce its undulating form, which is finished in Silver Gilt or Gold Leaf. The crystal clear glass top, although anchored in place, gives the illusion that it is just barely perching on top of the base. Circa 1965.