17 October 2008

What's Up with John Bartlett?

Fashion designer John Bartlett

While digging through my closet this morning I found this Most Excellent black John Bartlett
sweater that I purchased years ago. Remembering how popular John Bartlett clothing was so many years ago I wondered just what happened to John Bartlett. The designer, who was not only responsible for his own signature menswear collection, designed the clothing collection Byblos as well. Well, John is alive and well and currently has his own store perfectly located on Seventh Avenue in New York City. I look forward to visiting in the next two weeks. Here is a bit more about John, where he has been and what he is up to. The snapshots here are taken from his website and feature his Menswear collections for Fall/Winter 2008, Spring/Summer 2008 and Fall/Winter 2007.

From JohnBartlettNY.com:

john bartlett bio

John Bartlett Collection Fall/Winter 2008

John Bartlett Collection Spring/Summer 2008

John Bartlett Collection Fall/Winter 2007