28 October 2008

Mama Shelter, Paris.

Paris has a new, Most Excellent hotel!

Mama Shelter, located in the heart of the Village Saint Blaise, is a 172-room, boutique hotel launched in September. Catering to those wanting to experience a unique side of Paris, Mama Shelter offers guests an insider take on the “City of Lights,” allowing them to discover Paris like a local.

Mama Shelter’s accommodations, designed in collaboration with Philippe Starck, include rooms of various sizes and color schemes equipped with kitchenettes, luxurious bedding, and the latest in Apple technology. The best part of this well-designed refuge is a sparkling price point that will not devour travelers’ vacation budgets. Rooms range from $120 to $460 per night.

Satisfying body and mind, the Mama Shelter lobby features cold cabinets with meals available to the guests 24 hours a day, while a special yoga room offers visitors a break from travel stress. Thrill seekers can rent electric scooters or motorbikes to zip around town like a local, and those looking for a pampering Paris tour can schedule limousine service with dedicated chauffeurs.

Chef Alain Senderens heads up the restaurant in the base of the hotel featuring modern French cuisine.