29 October 2008

Patterned Tiles. Casamood.

These toile and damask patterned tiles from Casamood are Most Excellent. Used in select commercial and residential applications they will leave a very distinct mark. Both the toile and damask tiles are available in giant panels that bring allure to high-spray spots like the bathroom or kitchen. They may also be used in lieu of wallpaper for a very polished appearance on any wall surface. The chinoiserie toile tile, (shown below), is used on the side wall of a retail store. The stripe on the wall is an excellent foil to the tile and definitely a smart idea considering a huge wall of toile tile may become a bit tiresome. Therefore, this tile should be used in moderation and strictly to add dramatic punch to an interior design.

The Casamood website has a wealth of very different and unique tiles to choose from. The tiles shown here are also available in different colors. All would make any ordinary environment rather extraordinary.