15 February 2013

look closely.

The "Urchin"

I love when artists use found objects to create pieces of art. This interesting and very textural light fixture is from Stuart Haygarth, a lighting designer in London. At first glance you may not be able to tell what the unique fixture is made of. However, when you look closely, you discover that the ceiling mounted piece is actually created from thousands of spectacle arms that are linked together. This is not just lighting, it is art! The flush mount light fixture comes in three different forms and houses strings of LED lights. The illumination from the fixture is smooth and refined. It is definitely worth a visit to Stuart's website. His light fixtures, such as the "Urchin" shown here, are all made from a variety of found objects, etc. My recommendation is to look very closely and enjoy.

Spectacle arms are linked together to create the "Urchin" light fixture.

Another variation in size.

Look closely!